Welcome on the LIOM website. LIOM stands for Molecular and Optical Imaging Laboratory (Laboratoire d'imagerie optique et moléculaire) and is located at Polytechnique Montréal.


The objective of the optical and molecular imaging laboratory is to develop new imaging and image processing techniques mainly using optical technologies, but also integrating with other modalities (MRI, Ultrasound, etc.). We focus our applications on:

  • Aging studies and associated diseases
  • Spinal cord imaging
  • Molecular imaging with fluorescence and photoacoustic


The laboratory has been operating since june 2005. From two PhD students in 2005, we now welcome more than 20 members including Master students, PhDs, post-doctoral fellows and one full time researcher all working on technology development. A second laboratory is housed at the Montreal Heart Institute for in vivo studies.

Some images from our laboratory